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Yeah I'm still alive

It's just that my fannish stuff lately has mostly consisted of reading OMG so much Thor fanfic it's not even funny so I haven't really been in a posting frame of mind.

But a couple of weeks ago tersa picked up copies of the Thor 2 movie tie-in comics for me and I've been processing the events of the second issue ever since. Even got into some great discussions with a couple of my favorite fanfic authors who'd made at least nodding reference to them. The thing is I think something that happened in issue two was massively important to the characters and plot of the film but am guessing since we got it in the comic we're not going to get it in the movie and it's making me even more intensely curious about the film than I already was.

More behind the cut for spoilers...Collapse )
One of the commentors described this video thusly: "God, it's like watching porn!"

Couldn't. Agree. More.

Have you watched the Thor: The Dark World trailer yet?

So I"ve taken a few screencapsCollapse )
I'm thinking this is an opening night event, possibly in costume...

Apr. 15th, 2013

Ok who watched the premiere of Defiance and was it just me or are the two leads basically Han Solo and Princess Leia? Despite the fact that the series blatantly (though, arguably, lovingly) steals from Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate and any number of other series/films, I quite liked it and am even considering playing the game.


Mar. 31st, 2013

First a big thanks to everyone who attended my first annual International Tabletop Gaming Day event. Many games were played and much fun was had...then we all went out for a fantastic veggie Indian dinner and then the ladies stuck around to watch Skyfall. The latter was the only disappointing portion of the evening as I'd be crushing on the new Q until he did something so profoundly stupid (because the audience demanded it, natch) that we were all yelling at the screen. I just couldn't respect him enough to even want to go read some of the oodles of fanfic out there.

Also James Bond is Batman? Did not know that until I watched this flick.


I've already watched this vid twice and will probably do so at least a couple more times tonight because...damn...


Feb. 27th, 2013

I've been pretty under the weather lately due to a rather unfortunate combination of hormone medications, defective reproductive organs and a propensity to slide into anemia at the drop of a damn hat. On the plus side it has given me the time to watch a good deal of anime and more James Bond than I've ever watched in my life. The latter has clued me into the fact that there is at least one film in existence that contains both Michelle Yeoh and Joe Don Baker ("Tomorrow Never Dies" for those playing at home).

I'm not sure I needed to know this, but there you go.

It's's finished...

You know that scene at the end of "Return of the King" where Frodo is lying there next to Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom stunned that his quest, his impossible, awful quest is finally at long last over. In a weird way I sort of know how he feels. My own version of chucking The One Ring into the fires of Mount Doom was finishing the longest fic I've ever written in a fandom I had, until April of last year, never dared write a word in.

And it's now done, Ingenue wrapped up at just over 95,000 words. Not a huge amount I suppose, but it sure as heck felt like an uphill slog to me. But it did allow me to prove to myself that I could actually finish something that long without being prodded by anything more than the occasional feedback comment. The other thing it did was give me a daily practice that allowed me to easily produce 1,500-4,000 words per week. Not, perhaps the highest quality words every single week, but the momentum was really important. I missed precisely one week of posting and that was entirely intentional over the holidays, other than that I posted every single week, even with aelfsciene's wedding stuff and two surgeries to deal with. Gotta' admit I'm proud of that.

The other thing it did for me was prove that I didn't need to go into a story with every single element of the plot worked out. Indeed with this one I knew where I was starting, writing an Anthea backstory in my case, and where I was ending, giving an explanation for the end of Scandal in Belgravia that made more sense to me. But the rest I made up on the fly, creating a variety of characters, embellishing a bunch more, and even offering Sherlock series canon scenes from a different perspective. I ended up answering questions I didn't even realize I had about the series and more often than not I was just as surprised by the answers as my readers probably were.

In other words I stepped way outside of my comfort zone when it comes to writing and just sort of...winged it really. I think it worked, I certainly didn't get much in the way of negative feedback and a good deal of positive. Not too bad really.

The only problem now is that a big part of me wants to just take some time off and give myself a break from writing...the other part thinks "Don't lose your damn momentum!" and wants to keep going with, well something. The question now is, do I play around with the Avengers fic I've been considering, go back to my Snupin novel-length sequel to "Scale of Dragon..." or get to work on my damn original novel. Decisions, decisions.


The end is near...

...of my fanfic Ingenue, and in honor of finally finishing the monster (I will stay under 100,000 words, I'm sure of it) I uploaded my accompany fanmix:

That's not my name... from ebonlock on 8tracks Radio.



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